This year's river trip is inspired by Ellen's passion for Greek mythology, by the ancient women of Greece, from Aphrodite, Helen of Troy, Athena, to Odysseus's love Penelope, and by all who answer the Call to Adventure!

River Odyssey with Page Lambert and Ellen McLaughlin

"Like Odysseus," Ellen reminds us, "whose only way home was by way of the sea, many of our journeys involve elemental water. We answer the Call to Adventure, lighting out into the unknown where we encounter not only the magnificence of this watery world, but our very souls. The journey is the human journey, each one a reckoning with self as we step into these elemental waters. And when we return, we carry that most precious cargo: the story."  

Colorado River, beautiful Westwater Canyon, Utah. 

5 days/4 nights. August 29-September 2, 2016. 

$1450 includes all gear, delicious meals, and the professional women guides of Sheri Griffith Expeditions. 

The trip starts and ends in Moab, Utah.