“★★★★★…breathtaking, deeply satisfying…this is Kahn in greatest communion with his art, his voice visceral and unwavering, and it is a profound note upon which to take his leave.” –Metro Weekly

“★★★★★…the language is stark and rich with the poetic alchemy of ancient Greek. The way McLaughlin’s words sound in your ears and are beautifully spoken by the actors is ambrosia.” –DC Theatre Scene

“POWERFUL…Michael Kahn’s final masterpiece as Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Theatre Company.” –K Street Magazine

“A POWERFUL, EVOCATIVE update from playwright Ellen McLaughlin.” –Brightest Young Things

“EPIC…the acting is incredible across the board.” –The Georgetown Dish

“A TRIUMPH…a powerful interrogation of violence, revenge, blame, and justice told with great skill.” –Two Hours’ Traffic

“SHOCKINGLY RELEVANT…leaves audiences catching their breath.” –MD Theatre Guide

“★★★★★…The Oresteia is one of the singular best instances of ancient Greek drama brought flawlessly and effortless into a contemporary context without sacrificing the nature of its design.” –Theatre Bloom

“MESMERIZING…Kelley Curran is a commanding presence.” –Talkin’ Broadway

“VISUALLY STUNNING…it delivers messages about revenge and justice that ring as true today as they must have nearly 2,500 years ago.” –CurtainUp